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​Case 6: Energy tunnel and energy pile application in Power tunnel engineering in Nanjing, China.
Release time2018/7/21 14:11:05

       Nanjing Software Valley Line Migration Project is located in Nanjing, China, which is between Dazhou Road and Guan Road in Yuhuatai District. The starting point of the power tunnel is located at Dazhou Road, along the Meiyuan South Road, connecting the road cable tunnel. The tunnel is located on the north side of Dazhou Road and on the east side of the route river. It is arranged parallel to the road and the river. The distance between the centerline of the tunnel and the red line on the north side is 30m, and the distance between the protection line of the river channel on the west side is 3.15m. The total length of the main channel of the tunnel is 2.057km, and the net size (width/height) in the tunnel is 3.1m/2.27m. Energy tunnel is applied in this case.

        The supporting piles in the test section are also applied as energy piles; the energy piles are 15m long, the pile diameter is 0.8m, the pile spacing is 1.1m, and the pile side excavation depth is 6m. 3U type buried tube in the energy pile.



Fig. 1 Energy tunnel and energy pile location


Fig. 2 Section of energy tunnel and energy pileͼƬ3.jpg

Fig. 3 Section of energy tunnel and energy pile

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