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​Case 6: Energy tunnel and energy pile application in Power tunnel engineering in Nanjing, China.
Release time:2018/7/21
Joint Research Centre for international cooperation on energy and geotechnical cooperation ---Energy pile test base
Release time:2018/5/26
Case 1: the energy pile based bridge deck deicing system in Jiangyin, China.
Release time:2018/5/26
Case 2: De-icing Energy Pile Technology and Application for River Landscape Deck Project in Jinhu County,China
Release time:2018/5/26
Case 3:China Three Gorges University Hydraulic and Environment Engineering Teaching Experimental Center Building
Release time:2018/5/26
Case 4: Jiangning District General Archives, Nanjing
Release time:2018/5/26
Case 5: Energy Pile Technology and Application of Boiler House Foundation Reconstruction Project of Henan Polytechnic University
Release time:2018/5/26
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